Monday, February 19, 2007

President's Day Roundup

Spitzer agrees with Mohawks for casino in Catskills "A decades-old proposal for a casino in the Catskills took a major step Monday with Gov. Eliot Spitzer's agreement for the St. Regis Mohawk tribe to build and operate a gaming center at Monticello Raceway. The Sullivan County casino that would be expected to draw gamblers from the nearby New York City area is also expected to provide hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue to state government, as well as help revive the economically hard-pressed region. The $600 million casino is expected to provide 3,000 permanent jobs and create a building boom in the area." This resort area needs a boost......"Dirty Dancing" of the 40's and 50's doesn't cut it anymore........Pension DiNapoli's priority "Thomas DiNapoli, the new state comptroller, wants to use New York's gigantic pension fund aggressively to protect the environment, create more affordable housing and promote business development in economically depressed regions.DiNapoli, elected Feb. 7 by the State Legislature to succeed Alan Hevesi, who resigned in disgrace, said more could be done with the $150 billion retirement fund to boost the economy and address social welfare issues. The comptroller is the fund's sole trustee""I believe many of the best investment opportunities are right here in New York, we just haven't looked hard enough, and that goes for economic investment in disadvantaged communities and housing," DiNapoli said at a conference of black and Hispanic lawmakers, his first public appearance as comptroller" Tom is finally off to a good start.......Doris Dodson of the Long Island chapter of the state Public Employees Federation, said, "I believe our pensions are safe with Tom." .....believe me they can take that to the bank.......and Spitzer: “Hold Us Accountable” Spitzer told the crowd that it is one of his top priorities to “have a government that looks like the state of New York.” He noted that David Paterson, who also spoke last night, is the first African American lieutenant governor, but asked why it took the state so long to reach that milestone, adding: “We can do better, and we must do better.”Spitzer highlighted the executive order he signed last night to increase opportunities for women and minority-owned businesses to get contracts with the state.“What I want you to do tonight, and every night, is to hold elected officials accountable,'’ Spitzer said. “Hold us accountable, not for showing up and speaking rhetoric about diversity, hold us accountable and say next year when I and others come back: Have you actually lived up to the promises you’ve made.” amen and amen.....andy

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