Friday, February 09, 2007

Shelly keeps his cool

( A "Happy" Silver courtesy The Politicker)

The Daily Politics

I am going to share this press interview with totally amazes me how Shelly did not go for the "bait" and kept his cool....staying on message....calm and in control.......andy

Here's how Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is responding to Gov. Spitzer's attacks on him and the Legislature:
“Part of his charm and part of his appeal is that fact that he is a very strong believer in what he believes in, and I can appreciate that.”
“This is one of the attractions of Eliot Spitzer as governor — he is intensely involved in being governor, he is committed and he is showing his commitment right now.”
In other words, Silver is refusing to slap back.
Speaking to the Downtown Lower Manhattan Association this morning, focused on his efforts to rejuvenate the neighborhood near Ground Zero -- which is his home district -- in the aftermath of 9/11. Neither he nor anyone in the audience brought up the tension with the governor.
The press corps did, though, and Silver left the bait alone.
The Daily News' Dave Saltonstall provides excerpts of the Q&A after the jump.
Q. Is Eliot being too prosecutorial in how he deals with you and legislature?
A. "You know, I think really we should be moving forward. There are a lot of issues to deal with, including the redevelopment of Lower Manhattan, a budget that’s due in place, and I am prepared to work with this governor, as I have. I supported his candidacy for governor for the last three years and I think that the members of my conference want to accomplish the things that are necessary. ... We want to look forward. We don't want to deal in history. We don't want to look back."
Q. You are being nice?
A. “I understand the governor. I have gotten to know him, I have gotten to like him. And part of his charm and part of his appeal is that fact that he is a very strong believer in what he believes in, and I can appreciate that.....”
He said Spitzer has given us “a great, great team” in Lower Manhattan.
“And I and the members of the Democratic conference want to work with him to accomplish that, to accomplish a timely, fair budget in this state and we want to do the necessary government reforms. ... And we look forward to working with the governor in the best possible way.”
Q. Did Syracuse Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli deserved to be belittled yesterday?
A. “Well, you know, I think that is part of the governors intensity in coming to the job. I think it is unfortunate but I really think it it time to move forward on the important issues of the day.”
Q. Spitzer obviously thinks you broke an agreement. How does that affect things going forward?
“I am not here to give you a history lesson and to rewrite history. So it's important to move forward. 'He said, she said' doesn't really work and it doesn't really accomplish anything in government. What's important is to move forward.”
“There are two sides to every story -- let’s leave it at that.”
Q. Do you feel secure in your leadership position?
“I feel very secure. and I think that the members of the Democratic conference support what they did individually, and as a leader I only reflect the will of the 107 members of the Democratic conference in Albany.”
“I am their leader. I am in a position of enunciating what it is that they collectively want to do.”
Q. Are you a bit of a steamroller?
A. “I didn’t create the word, and I don’t know that it’s appropriate. I don't think its appropriate. I think its important for everyone to work together to accomplish the things that are necessary,” mentioning downtown, the budget, education funding.”
“I think together as partners we can accomplish a lot."
Q. At what point do you push back?
“The only push back I can tell you is by accomplishing the needs of the people of this state.”

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