Sunday, February 11, 2007

Special Election Date Set 3/27/07 and other sunday am trail mix

Newsday Spincycle lets us know the main combatants ...Johnson and O'Connell have Different Roles Now meanwhile An Awkward Moment Passes Quietly ........."son of ousted comptroller Alan Hevesi voted with 149 colleagues to make Tom DiNapoli his dad’s successor" sad and tragic is that???.......and today's Newday Editorial How do you spell relief?
"Spitzer says his plan for funding schools and easing taxes won't hurt Long Island, but there are many questions still to be answered" ........and what would a Spitzer story be..without some mention of a steamroller???....."Now that Gov. Eliot Spitzer has steamrolled and been steamrolled, it's time for New York's new chief executive to focus on the more crucial task of passing a business-no-longer-as-usual budget." and the Niagara Gazette is Placing blame for the mess in Albany ....on Silver? no on Bruno? no...on Spitzer? you the voter for reelecting Hevesi in the first place..they think the bow tie guy is not looking so bad now.....and Fred LeBrun of the Albany Times Union asks the question is Grandeau about to disappear?? here is Fred's punchline "The governor himself, in an interview with the Syracuse Post-Standard after the proposed budget was announced, called Grandeau's lobbying commission "dysfunctional." A dysfunction, noted the governor, that would be corrected when he appoints the majority of the new commission's members, and implicitly, replaces Grandeau as well.
A mindboggling double by Spitzer. First, that he sees as dysfunctional the one state oversight agency that works, and secondly that only he, the imperial governor, can save the day" One day...Fred thinks Spitzer is the best thing since slice toast..and now he is the "imperial" governor??? and here is one issue...maybe a "glimpse" of the budget battle ahead......
Veterans blast Spitzer
"Gov. Eliot Spitzer is battling the state Legislature and special interest groups. Now he may have another group to fight: veterans.Thomas Cray, president of the Veterans Outreach Center in Rochester, ripped Spitzer on Friday over potentially cutting $250,000 for the center in the proposed state budget released last week.
Cray contended that Spitzer, who took office Jan. 1, has shown little interest in veterans' affairs and refused to put a veterans' advocate on his transition team.
Now, Cray said, Spitzer may cut money for the South Avenue center, a critical funding piece that makes up about one-eighth of the center's roughly $2 million budget. " Now if you are the elected state official in this ignore your constituents??? especially war veterans??? From a statewide view it makes good reform sense..but from a local view??? "State lawmakers, meanwhile, vowed to fight to get the aid into the budget as they review the $120.6 billion spending plan. The deadline to pass a state budget is April 1, the start of the state's fiscal year." and there you have it..another confrontation....who is right or wrong here??? and the Buffalo News shouts
More severe snow slams Syracuse area prayers go to the folks in those affected areas........and finally Jay Gallagher thinks GOP's Albany domination may be coming to an end ............I wouldn't be making any funeral arrangements just yet....andy

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