Thursday, February 15, 2007

Spitzer could favor Broadwater plan


The biggest fear most people on the Island have is the very real potential of a "terrorist" attack on this floating gas facility and the catastrophic consequences to the surrounding would be a sitting duck on the water....and very difficult to defend against a determined enemy......keep in mind....all these folks live in the shadow of 9/11..........maybe 60 miles from ground zero......andy

"As Gov. Eliot Spitzer prepares to wade into the turbulent political water that is the Broadwater liquid natural-gas platform proposed for Long Island Sound, people familiar with his thinking say he has been generally positive about it and won't shrink from backing it if careful study warrants.Officially, Spitzer is waiting on an analysis from the state Department of State and his own thorough review of an environmental impact statement. "He really does want to look at the statement first," said his spokeswoman, Christine Anderson. "He wants to put the time in before commenting."

"But Broadwater has garnered widespread criticism from civic groups, environmentalists and legislators, primarily on environmental and national-security grounds.If Spitzer supports the project - and at least one high-level government source is betting he will - it could mean new confrontation for the reform-minded governor, already at odds with local members of the State Assembly for their role in making Assemb. Thomas DiNapoli (D-Great Neck) state comptroller" for the rest of this here.........andy

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