Thursday, February 22, 2007

Spitzer, Schumer Vists Snow Belt


There will be a lot of firsts before Spitzer is is good to see the little guys that work their hearts out get some recognition.......andy

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer and US Senator Chuck Schumer visited Parish, New York Wednesday. They went to say thank you for weathering a rough storm so well this month.
"It shows our little community, somebody stepping up and, you know, noticing us," says Parish Highway Superintendent Carl Dayger. Dayger says his workers plowed about 50 miles of roadway when eleven feet of snow blanketed the area-- sometimes working 20 hours a day. "Get a 3 or 4 hour nap, back at it again. Whatever it takes to get it done," he says.
The workers dedication that wasn't lost on Governor Spitzer. He went to parish to say thank you, not only to the plow crews, but also to emergency workers who helped keep this town safe through the storm. "Everyone in this room, you are the real heroes. You really stood up and did a remarkable job," Spitzer said. Between posting for pictures Spitzer spoke to the positive attitude of this community, saying their spirit was never buried.
"We're going to do it, it said to the entire nation, we New Yorker's know how to deal with a crisis," said Spitzer.
U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer assured the crowd help from FEMA is on the way soon. "The first money that flows is reimbursement to all localities for costs of cleaning up the disaster."
And even though the snow isn't falling now, Carl Dayger says they're work isn't finished just yet. "We're pushing banks bank, cleaning up yet."
This was the first time ever that a Senator or Governor visited the small town of Parish. Senator Schumer said he'd driven through, but never stopped until Wednesday.

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