Monday, February 05, 2007


With all the goofy and downright stupid campaign fliers that have been sent out by the O'Connell doesn't take a real long stretch to figure that "the gang that couldn't shoot straight" would be dumb enough to have robo calls being sent out on Superbowl Sunday...Maureen claims she sent her campaign staff home to enjoy the Superbowl....hey dum dum...robocalls don't need of your geniuses could have misprogrammed the dam robot...or maybe it is that republican insider that is trying to sabotage your campaign....or maybe one of Bin Laden's operatives is out to seek revenge........could I make this stuff up??? andy PS...glad to see the republicans using the word "steamroller" to describe democrats..they are fast learners....

Here is Liz Benjamin's coverage of the mysterious robo calls.............Things are getting ugly as the 7th SD race winds down. GOP candidate Maureen O’Connell held a press conference today to denounce robocalls made during the Super Bowl that falsely purported to be from her campaign.
The O’Connell camp is blaming the campaign of her Democratic opponent, Craig Johnson, which insists it wasn’t behind the calls.
“I guess they realize they’re behind, they’re not winning, and they’re taking a steamroller approach to bring her support down,” O’Connell spokesman Mike Arens said.
Arens acknowledged Super Bowl Sunday isn’t a holiday, but called it “one of the most important days in the country when families come together and have a great time.”
He said O’Connell found it ”disgusting” that anyone would interupt the game - particularly when she had closed down her HQ and sent her people home to enjoy the evening with friends and family.
Arens said O’Connell received many calls from angry football fans and also from senior citizens who had gone to bed early and were awakened by the calls.
Good government groups have set up
a voter hotline for anyone who has trouble casting a ballot in tomorrow’s special election.
The Working Families Party, which has
already received a considerable sum to do field work for Johnson’s campaign, is nevertheless doing a last-minute fundraising push.

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