Monday, February 12, 2007

wires crossed??? of a sign of the times???


I came across this article and found it very interesting........usually the county chair and committee gets to pick a replacement for county clerk...their reccomendation then goes to the governor's office.......they would be in a better position to know the local talent and perhaps reward someone that has worked hard for the party.......I wonder if this was done intentionally or someone in the gov's office goofed up??? andy

Governor advertises for new county clerk
Monticello – Gov. Eliot Spitzer has apparently broken an age old unwritten rule for filling vacant local positions.
Typically, when an elected position like county clerk opens up, the governor would take the advice of his local political party and name whoever it recommends.
Apparently not so in the case of the open Sullivan County clerk seat vacated by former Clerk George Cooke, who resigned recently as part of a court settlement in a sexual harassment lawsuit.
The Sullivan County Democratic Committee selected Fallsburg Town Councilman Neil Gilberg for the job. Spitzer, however, is running public notice classified ads in area publications seeking resumes for persons interested in being appointed to the post.
County Democratic Party Chairman Timothy Hill was caught off guard by the new twist.
“Apparently there has been a change in the approach taken by the governor’s office. I had been in contact with them,” he said. “I wasn’t aware this was taking place. After the fact, the act was brought to my attention. That is certainly the governor’s prerogative. I had made people in the governor’s office aware that we would have a meeting and that we forwarded a recommendation.”
The governor’s ad says candidates must be Sullivan County residents. Resumes should be no longer than five pages in length and be submitted before February 22.

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