Thursday, March 29, 2007


Everybody is talking about the state budget.........Fred Dicker of the NY Post thinks GOV. STEAMROLLED INTO A BIG SOFTEE - "Gov. Steamroller has become Mister Softee this week as plunging poll numbers, Republican recalcitrance, and the approaching April 1 budget deadline forced Eliot Spitzer to change himself into George Pataki." noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! meanwhile Newsday has a Thumbs up for budget "True, the tentative state budget deal is more than the state can afford. It was cobbled together behind closed doors, so it's hard to tell just how much it will add to future deficits. And most of the new money added to Gov. Eliot Spitzer's initial plan was a sop - as usual - to the state's wealthiest and most powerful special interests.
But New Yorkers should hold their nose with one hand and give the deal a thumbs-up with the other.Why? Because, for all its flaws, the agreement moves the state forward toward long-sought reforms that were Spitzer's top priorities. And because, given the strength of the opposition he gamely fought, Spitzer made as much progress as possible in one year. The budget also may be on time as well." "But what's most important, overall, is that Spitzer finally achieved something that has eluded at least three governors - a formula for distributing aid that is based on educational and economic need, not political power. ' ok....a few more budget observations.......
Budget's too fat and Critics attack big jump in state spending and 'Steamroller' in Albany Learns How to Concede and Now the hard part: Writing a budget based on talks and Don't make excuses for return to late budgets and finally my favorite.....Bottle bill would create 'garbage warehouses'..............yikes...........andy

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