Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Public offered rare view of freedom's birth Lincoln's 4-page draft of the Emancipation Proclamation to be displayed at Capitol this sunday...click on link for more details......meanwhile Bruno thinks Spitzer's School aid plan is 'class warfare,' Bruno says ..........urban vs rural??? if only life was this simplistic......maybe someone should ask Bruno where do the most of the state revenues come from??? .............and the medicaid budget battle continues Spitzer stands by Medicaid changes "Standing alongside representatives of nonprofit health organizations, Gov. Eliot Spitzer yesterday renewed his vow to push hard for cost-cutting changes in Medicaid, while health unions and hospitals aired ads with the Rev. Al Sharpton taking their side in the fight.Spitzer on Friday confronted representatives of the health care union, 1199/SEIU, and the Greater New York Hospital Association, calling them part of a status quo that does not work." and Newsday believes Budget progress made in Albany and that we may actually get an on time budget this year....stay tuned.......how about this for a headline........The Terminator teams up with the Steamroller.........not quite but New York's Spitzer looks to Schwarzenegger for inspiration ......"One is a pumped-up, Harley-riding movie star with a taste for Hummers, Armani suits and the Kennedy clan. The other is a rail-thin wonk with a perfect LSAT score who is far more comfortable jousting over budgets than making small talk. One threw a $2.4-million party to celebrate his most recent electoral victory, an event televised nationally and paid for by big business. The other marked his win with an austere public meet-and-greet as corporate lobbyists fretted that his election would diminish their clout. One is a Republican, the other a Democrat. But Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer share more than an Austrian lineage. (Spitzer's grandparents were from the old country.) Both have an appetite for big issues and big challenges. And both hope to leverage landslide victories in November — and the public's affinity for their ambition — to transform the role of state government in public life." ......interesting analogies.....check this story out...............meanwhile the Gotham Gazette has a special message for Spitzer Welcome to the Back Room, Eliot .........this sounds alot like political penis envy...but I could be wrong............the nomination of former Assemb. Alexander "Pete" Grannis as environment commissioner is going to be a contentious process per Newsday Scrutiny over his pick and finally the Times Herald-Record lets us know there is going to be a big food fight over the "bottle" bill............State lawmakers anticipate tough bottle-bill fight .........."Dubbed the bigger, better bottle bill by advocacy groups, the legislation would expand the types of containers that carry nickel deposits to include juices, water and other beverages. Currently, the law applies only to beer and soda.
The measure proposed by Spitzer would also bump up the handling fee that bottling companies pay to grocery stores, to 3.5 cents per bottle from 2 cents, and give the state — not bottlers — unclaimed nickels.
If the expanded bottle bill is adopted, it would add $25 million in revenue to the Environmental Protection Fund this year, with additional annual revenue topping $100 million. The infusion of cash would fund new open space programs in the Hudson Valley and beyond, increase farm protection efforts, and implement the Hudson River Estuary Management Plan, among other initiatives." pop..pop ......fizzzzzz...fizzzzzzzzz ..oh what a relief...a nickel is..........andy

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