Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Blog Trail Mix

Elmer finds work.......Pataki Gets a Job (Updated) "Former Gov. George Pataki and his onetime chief of staff, John Cahill, have joined the law firm of Chadbourne & Parke as counsel in its New York offices.
They will be concentrating on energy, the environment and corporate matters." ........with Pataki..there was always plenty of "natural" gas..........but do not fear...Pataki is still in the hunt for the white house...."Pataki spokesman Dave Catalfamo said this announcement does not mean the ex-governor is no longer a White House bid.
“He will continue to be a part of the national dialogue and speak out about important issues facing our nation,” Catalfamo said." was medical day at the State Senate....the main rule had to use medical terminology to describe your opponnets.....
Republican Senators Blast Health Cuts......"In passing a resolution to send a message to Washington about the Bush administration’s cuts to health care, Senate Republicans tried to get Senate Democrats to speak out against Gov. Eliot Spitzers cuts.
Sen. Dean Skelos, R-Nassau County, said as bad as Bush’s budget plan would be to his district’s institutions, Spitzer’s would be worse.
“Don’t be an appendage of the governor,'’ Skelos implored the minority conference members.
Senate Democrats did not respond, causing Skelos to describe them as an unnecessary appendage, like an appendix, which serves no needed bodily function." When I think of Skelos...another bodily function comes to mind...something to do with anal??? and evidently Sheldon Silver was trying to gain the high ground today
Silver Sides With HANYS or maybe play both sides of the aisle??? “…if we are serious about reform – good reform, smart reform – we cannot waste time burning bridges,” Silver continued.
“This is our health-care system and we must work together to make it better for our children and for our children’s children.”
“We have been led down the path of divisiveness for too long. Now is the time to find that higher common ground, that place where suffering is the enemy, not each other.” Does anybody know what the hell that means??? Illness is the real enemy here......yikes..........and sometimes you shouldn't get what you wish for........State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli lets Spitzer know he should
Watch That Spending, Gov! ......very impressive Tom....."State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli issued a report on Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s executive budget, calling it a “step toward reform,” but also warning that its spending increases are “unsustainable.”
DiNapoli noted that Spitzer’s $120.6 billion budget calls for boosting spending at 2.5 times the projected rate of inflation, ultimately leading to an estimated $13 billion three-year gap.
In addition, the comptroller said, there’s approximately $2.7 billion in off-budget spending, which, if accounted for, would push year-to-year spending growth to almost 9 percent." did someone say Independent Watch Dog??? and another Pataki hold over calls it quits
SUNY Chancellor Ryan Resigns ..............and Spitzer is ready to mow a few people down if necessay to get his health reforms in place....Eliot Spitzer, Blindside Flanker ........."At an appearance in Harlem today, Eliot Spitzer pushed back against critics of his health care plan -- again -- by explaining his plan to "pivot" state health care spending priorities and insure every child in the state.
In reference to his fight with some of those critics, namely the health care workers union 1199 SEIU, Spitzer came up with the following metaphor:
"Getting from here to there may look more like a rugby field than, I don't know, golf, that's fine. They'll be a few tackled bodies on the field, so be it."......sounds more like football than golf??? and finally do you really believe this????
Bigshot Lawyer Filed Resume Online "Tom Shanahan, the newest high-profile addition to Team Spitzer, called yesterday to confirm that he'll be working for the governor as a deputy commissioner in the Division on Human Rights.
He said his new job would focus on "coordinating public outreach" for the commissioner.
So how did the well-known lawyer and gay rights
advocate, get his new gig? According to Shanahan, he simply applied through the transition website, like (almost) everybody else." and yeah...I got the job by filling out an application I found inside a box of Kellog's Rice Krispies.....ok............your under oath counsellor..........andy

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