Monday, March 12, 2007

Day Lite Lag Time

Who sez Charlie Rangel doesn't take the cake??? Charlie Rangel, who said he doesn't want to see the debate about Medicaid spending turn into a "food fight," certainly in favor of this kind of cut.......(Photo credit: Grace Meng.]

The Reader's Digest "Increasing Your Vocabulary" Words for today are Profligate’ and ‘Pandering’ try and use these 2 words in a sentence..Gov. Eliot Spitzer lit into Senate Republicans at a press conference this afternoon, calling their proposed budget “profligate and their behavior pandering.” ...excellant.......well done........and we have another Spitzer Appointment "Gov. Eliot Spitzer announced he has appointed Timothy J. Gilchrist to serve as deputy secretary for Economic Development and Infrastructure.
In this post, which pays $155,000 annually, Gilchrist will oversee the state’s major economic development, infrastructure, and transportation agencies and authorities.
Gilchrist has served in the state Department of Transportation for over 25 years. Most recently, he was chief of Transportation Strategy, where he led coordinated, multimodal state transportation policies, plans, and strategies and supervised financial planning efforts for the department. " and
Spitzer wants to boost hunting and fishing in outdoors agenda "I'm delighted and surprised," said Tom King of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, which has led the fight against Grannis, a Manhattan Democrat. "If you go back to Gov. Spitzer's record as attorney general, he attempted to limit gun ownership in many ways. For him to do a broad initiative like this is really a very good thing for the hunters of New York state." and may give a needed boost for Grannis appointment as well...........and finally welcome to Bizarro World "Seinfeld fans remember Jerry’s descent into ``Bizarro World,’’ a parallel universe where things are, for the most part, opposite of normal. (He lifted it from Superman comics.)
Well, the state Senate was a bit ``Bizarro’’ Monday during the debate over health-care spending. Republicans called for more spending. Democrats less.
Republicans voted to add about $544 million in spending, rejecting, among other things, Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s call to freeze reimbursement rates paid to hospitals and nursing homes at current-year rates. Senate Democrats, of course, are close to Spitzer." That's why the National Republican Party has absolutely no respect for ny republicans......none..nada......andy

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