Saturday, March 03, 2007

Deal on day care in offing?

Albany TimesUnion.Com JAMES M. ODATO

Many years ago...I worked as a Social Security Disability Analyst..reviewing disability claims for the Social Security Administration......and was a NYS Civil Service Job....paid by the state..union job and all......but it was federally other words...Social Security farmed out this work to the local states to what is the difference here??? none...absolutely none........anything that will bolster daycare in this a good thing....people need to work and yet at the same assured they have a decent place to leave their kids during the day..........andy

ALBANY -- Gov. Eliot Spitzer is close to issuing an executive order to give more than 50,000 day care providers statewide a chance to join two of New York's largest public employee unions and get bigger public subsidies.
Opponents say a law or executive order would set a dangerous precedent, creating an employer-employee relationship were none should exist.
Critics, such as the Business Council of New York State and New York State Association of Counties, have said the move would add millions to New York's day care costs.
"I believe it's imminent," said Alan Lubin, executive vice president of the New York State United Teachers.
The order would help add tens of thousands of members to the United Federation of Teachers in New York City, NYSUT's biggest local, and the Civil Service Employees Association, the largest state workers union.

for the rest of this here..........andy

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