Friday, March 23, 2007


Bruno is not quite ready to sing yet with Senate GOP attacks Spitzer "Senate Republicans suggested Thursday that Gov. Eliot Spitzer is trying to attack, divide and conquer opponents of his budget plan, but that the strategy isn't working.
"The governor should stop trying to just divide all of the entities that are out there that have an interest in doing this budget right," said Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno, R-Brunswick" yeah..come on Spitzer..stop playing politics..and beating my butt in public....the Buffalo News gives us another view on the whole recycling issue......
Expanded recycling doesn’t require a new beverage tax..........meanwhile Assistant deputy secretary for criminal justice named ........Governor Eliot Spitzer Thursday announced the appointment of Lai Sun Yee to serve as Assistant Deputy Secretary for Criminal Justice...........and the AP warns us WTC staircase debate may delay new towers..... "a prolonged debate over whether to preserve a 175-ton staircase that still stands at the World Trade Center site is threatening construction schedules for new office towers, rebuilding officials said this week.
The staircase, which several people used to escape the debris-filled complex in the moments after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, has been named one of the nation's most endangered places by a preservation group. It is the only remnant of the complex that is above street level.." just what we all need...another delay........meanwhile Long Island Business News gives us a different view on this whole medicaid/health care reform debate.....
2 minutes with Kevin Dahill, President, CEO, Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Council ..........."Kevin Dahill is a man on a mission, although it’s a mission he’d rather not have.
The leader of the regional trade organization for Long Island’s 24 hospitals spoke with LIBN fresh from a trip to Albany, in which eight busloads of Islanders met with lawmakers to discuss potential cuts in Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s proposed state budget that could shear $68.5 million in Medicaid reimbursements from Island hospitals and $77.6 million from Island nursing homes – a “disastrous” scenario, according to Dahill."....a short question and answer interview..I don't agree with all of it....but a good read on the controversy..........if you always wanted to know how to make Pork Kosher ..The NY Post gives us a hint.......
ROASTED 'PORK' POLS OK DISCLOSURE DEAL "Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders yesterday agreed to a new process to ensure that community organizations that get state pork-barrel funds disclose any ties to the lawmakers who secured the money for them." and the every optimistic NY Sun gives us their Albany doomsday scenario with Budget Fight Could Close Government "With budget negotiations coming down to the wire, Governor Spitzer is not ruling out shutting down the government if he and the Republican Senate don't hammer out a deal before the April 1 deadline.
Republicans, however, say they are standing their ground and are accusing the governor of negotiating in bad faith, even while preparing to deal with the fallout that a late budget would produce" let's put it this way...nobody...I repeat....nobody is going to want to take credit for shutting the state government is NOT going to happen...the financial consequences would be too devastating............and finally.... To persuade Albany to lift limits on scalpers, vendors are
giving away tickets to lawmakers.....yikes....."Key backers of efforts to take limits off ticket scalping - including Gov. Spitzer - have received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from ticket brokers, the Daily News has learned." ..........hello.....ticket scalping is illegal.....and alot of people get screwed ..and never receive legitimate tickets.....come on...let's get real here...........andy

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