Tuesday, March 27, 2007


League wants the door open .........Who let the dogs out???.....come on..some things are better said in private.....these guys do have to run for reelection..."look at the hands...and forget the mouth???".........and thankfully Bruno says things are progressing "Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno just came out of his majority conference meeting and said his members are determined to get a budget deal accomplished by Saturday.“I think we’re progressing,'’ he said. “We’re compromising.'’ ....hey...what a novel idea....maybe this stuff will catch on??? and Spitzer Looking At April 2 To Pass Budget ......."Gov. Eliot Spitzer began polling legislative leaders Tuesday about the possibility of coming in on Monday to pass a budget - the second day of the new fiscal year.
That indictates a deal could be put together for bills to begin aging for the required three days this weekend.
On sundown Monday, Passover begins, so it is possible for some work to be done on what is supposed to be the first day of a two-week break for the Legislature.
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan, has discussed the possibility of calling back his members on April 11 - what is supposed to be the second Wednesday of the break. " ........Bruno must be really compromising huh??? and we learn The long-delayed confirmation of the state environmental commissioner, Pete Grannis, passed a major
hurdle.......and Marist Poll: Spitzer Under Fire "Today’s WNBC/Marist Poll provides more grist for those of us wondering how the millions of dollars’ worth of anti-Eliot-Spitzer ads over the last few weeks have affected his popularity.
Siena poll put the governor’s favorability at 62 percent favorability rating and job approval at 47 percent.
The Marist poll puts his job approval at 43 percent, not too much different, and for historical context, notes that Governor Spitzer has a lower job approval that Mario M. Cuomo had at roughly the same point in his first term, though higher than what George E. Pataki rated at a similar point in his first term.
Spitzer folks will be heartened by the fact that Mr. Spitzer’s overarching image is more or less what they want it to be: 60 percent of registered voters think he’s a good leader for New York State, according to the poll, and by 56 percent as “a new kind of independent politician.”
But clearly the ads have had a toll: less than half of voters think Mr. Spitzer can be trusted to do the right thing on health care." you really can't govern by popularity contests...but give those health unions credit...they are giving Spitzer a run for their money.............and ever wonder how many elected state officials got in with special elections???
Document: Get In, And Stay In Here’s a little something interesting, apropos of today’s special elections.
"according to the
study released today by Citizens Union, the state’s systems for filling unexpected vacancies in state offices is even less competitive than normal elections, which are themselves so uncompetitive that incumbents in the Legislature have a 95 percent retention rate.
Which is bad, the report argues, since nearly a third of Assembly and Senate members achieve office through the special election process. Those people effectively never face a serious competitive election — not even the first time around, since most special-election candidates are hand-picked by party bosses.
“This leaves little but the ceremony " Actually special elections are one of the few times...there is an actual level playing field....nobody is an incumbent......off topic but important.......
Vests for the Auxiliary Police "Shortly before noon, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is expected to announce that the city will begin providing bullet-resistant vests to its 4,800 auxiliary police officers. The news conference is scheduled to take place in the Greenwich Village police precinct where two volunteer auxiliary officers were fatally shot by a gunman on March 14.
The city will spend $3.3 million to acquire the vests, which are the same as those provided to regular police officers" why does it take the deaths of 2 unarmed auxiliary police officers to get this much needed vest??? and why in God's Name would they allow citizens dressed as police officers to patrol new york city without being armed???? New York City ain't Mayberry RFD.........andy

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