Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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Bruno tells the world he is as old as dirt and is not afraid of anyone......Spitzer’s Dis (Updated) .........".Bruno said Spitzer “robs Peter to pay Paul, puts one county against another county, and that is plain wrong.” He declined Dicker’s invitation to debate the governor on the radio, saying Spitzer’s ratings “are slipping already, and I do not want to be a party to him slipping anymore.”
When Dicker suggested Bruno is “afraid” of Spitzer, the majority leader replied:
“Fred, you know that I am not afraid of anything. I’m too old to be afraid. I’ve lived too long to be afraid. People don’t run me over with steamrollers. I am who I am. I’m going to be 78 years old next year (sic). I haven’t been run over yet. I haven’t been knocked n my ass yet, and I am not going to be by this guy or anybody else.”........acutally 78 next month.....maybe Bruno is getting a bit confused??? things escalated when "Gov. Eliot Spitzer did not invite him(Bruno) into the governor’s office to a pre-press conference meeting with the family of a White Plains woman murdered by a Level 3 sex offender.
Bruno was stuck waiting with reporters in the Red Room for the official event, at which Spitzer signed civil confinement legislation into law, as other lawmakers met with the sons, uncle, parents, nieces and nephews of Connie Russo-Carriero. Sources said Bruno was left out in the cold in part due to comments he made this morning on WROW-AM 590" meanwhile
Senate Confirms 3 Spitzer Appointees
Diana Jones Ritter, commissioner of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities.
Michael F. Hogan, commissioner of Mental Health.
David J. Swarts, commissioner of Motor Vehicles.

and Governor Spitzer has some more harsh words for Bruno's State Senate ....“Yesterday, I talked about their profilgacy, which is simply stunning in its scale,” Spitzer said. “…Further analysis that not only is the Senate’s proposal profligate and ruinous, it is Colossally Misdirected" "The Senate majority would not only drive spending to unsunstainable levels, they would wrongly eliminate every patient-centered program in this budget.” .......and Newsday throws us a few political morsels with Bruno Probe Update (or Rerun)? "Turns out Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno has used campaign funds for lawyers in the probe of his business affairs, putting his troubles again in the spotlight. He told reporters Tuesday that there is nothing new to report on the probe."
But here's the UPDATE: Mark Hansen of Bruno's office shows a story in the Albany Times Union three months ago that reported the payout -- demonstrating that there really is "nothing new here." .......yawnnnn and
Spitz-ing Distance of an Endorsement "Eliot Spitzer came within a hair of saying he'd endorse Hillary Clinton today on an Albany radio show today, hinting that he was only waiting for the best time and place to sign up.
"I don't want to act precipitously or without having arranged what I'm going to say with the appropriate folks," he said. "I'll talk to Hillary and talk to folks and see how things are moving from their perspective and see what they want, what their desires are." .....I guess a public Spitzer endorsement of Hillary at Denny's is out of the question now ..........and
Gay Marriage Postponed? "The same-sex marriage bill is unlikely to be acted on this year, reports Gershman in The Sun.
Spitzer had earlier signalled it would not be his top priority." yeah...I think Eliot has a few other things on his plate right about now....geeeeeeez.....and finally the NY Times Empire Zone gives us
Trouble with the Senecas The Empire Zone read with interest the story in the Buffalo News "this morning about the protest rally held by the Seneca Nation at which Gov. Eliot Spitzer was branded “an agent of satan” and compared to Adolph Hitler. All this because the governor wants the Indian nation to start collecting taxes on cigarette sales to non-Indians, an issue that has been a point of contention for many years and led to violent protests in the past. Officials from the Seneca Nation and the governor met last week to try to iron out their differences, but the governor has said the taxes should be collected and has already included nearly $200 million in projected revenue from such collections in his budget. The Senecas say the governor indicated during his campaign that he would allow them to regulate themselves, but a spokesman for the governor told the Buffalo News that no such deal was struck.
“We feel the governor has gone back on his word,” Maurice A. John, the president of the Seneca Nation, said, adding, “we are not going to be tax collectors for New York State.” Can't you just here the steamroller engines revving up in the distance......maybe it is time they give up unhealthy cigarettes and stick to running that is a plan....huh??? andy

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