Tuesday, March 13, 2007

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Looks like Spitzer will be pushing for an early presidential primary date for New York Good News For Hil And Rudy "Gov. Eliot Spitzer said it’s looking “increasingly likely” that he will sign a bill - although it’s unclear when he’ll get one - to bump up New York’s 2008 presidential primary from March 4 to Feb. 5, noting that an “avalanche of states” are moving to do the same." Who knows??? maybe Eliot will run for president himself ??? in the meantime Silda Wall Spitzer is promoting New York State Tourism Greetings from Niagara Falls! "Silda Wall Spitzer helped launch a revamped tourism web site for the state this afternoon at the Executive Mansion in Albany. The updated site lets visitors design a "perfect vacation" without leaving their computer. While the former site had preplanned itineraries, such as an Asian Style Garden Tour or the Underground Railroad, the new one is more interactive, enabling prospective tourists to accommodate any interests they may have...here is the I Love New York Web site . and Spitzer has had enough of Bruno's upmanship and finger pointing in the State Senate Spitzer To Bruno: Stop Playing Games (Updated) Gov. Eliot Spitzer took Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, R-Brunswick, to task for “playing games last night on the Senate floor instead of putting out a healthcare budget that was meaningful.” and the Albany Project reports Spitzer Slams Senate Majority, Vows Override Proof Veto "Eliot Spitzer slammed last night's "gamesmanship" of Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno and vowed "If I have to veto, I will veto…There is no override possible." It looks like the Steamroller isn't in the mood for giving any ground on his proposed Medicare cuts, targeted property tax cuts or his desire to shift some education spending to high need districts." For now the SteamRoller's gear is in "park"....but I do hear the engines revving up.........and finally the New York Sun thinks Spitzer Could Flinch "Governor Spitzer, who labeled himself a "steamroller" soon after taking office, might be flinching on some of his key budget demands.
In an interview yesterday with
The New York Sun, Mr. Spitzer suggested that he would consider restoring a portion of the $1 billion in Medicaid cuts that have been the target of an attack campaign waged by the hospital industry. He also said he wouldn't rule out scaling back his proposal to expand the number of charter schools in the state" The Sun calls it Flinching...I call it compromising from strength and getting the job done....as I said the other day..you always ask for more than you want..so you can obtain what you realistically want.............andy

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