Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Time Lag Express

Newsday lets us know DiNapoli shows class but not ripping Spitzer a new one with his budget analysis....Tom has always been a first class kind of guy....why change now???? and the New York Post who was quick to denounce DiNapolli's appointment are suddenly born again believers in Tom with AND DINAPOLI'S DEAD-ON CALL......"Meanwhile, new state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli's analysis of Gov. Spitzer's 2007-08 budget is, well, quite refreshing.
DiNapoli last week chided Spitzer for presenting a record $120.6 billion budget where "spending is still increasing at an unsustainable rate, almost two times faster than revenues" and "21/2 times the rate of inflation." .....they are not entirely sold yet...but by the Time DiNapoli is through..they will be kissing his can take that to the bank......and DiNapoli has inherited another messy case with
Different view of the same facts "Gov. Eliot Spitzer's push for transparency goes just so far, and Insurance Department spokesman David Neustadt is in the unique position of explaining why, after earlier saying why not." and Newsday warns us there is Another bottle bill battle in Albany brewing....plop..plop..fizzz...fizzz..oh what a relief a nickel is............and the NY Times steps into the medicaid "food fight" with Medicaid Costs Can Be in Eye of the Crusader "Indeed, the war of words has often seemed out of proportion to a set of budget proposals that are not much different from those Gov. George E. Pataki, Mr. Spitzer’s predecessor, used to propose, which were negotiated at much lower volume.
Beyond any specific claims or proposals, Mr. Spitzer is making a statement, signaling to his antagonists and to the public that he fears no one and will not do business as it was done before.".....something to with Day One everything changes??? and take this with a very big grain of salt............the NY Post shouts
UNION'S TV BLITZ SOCKS GOV RATING reliable is this poll..if the group conducting it..has a huge vested interest??? .........hmmmmmmm..not very.........."Spitzer's "favorability" rating has dropped 21 percentage points - from 75 to 54 percent - in the past month, according to the survey, conducted for a group backed by hospital-workers union 1199 SEIU.
The poll also found only 28 percent of voters who know about Spitzer's efforts back his plan, while 29 percent are opposed. A month ago, the union-backed poll found 37 percent in favor of Spitzer's plan and just 15 percent opposed. " .........where they polling just their members??? yikes..............and finally the NY Sun thinks NY Republicans are starting to act like Democrats......
Looking Backward on Medicaid............."Mr. Mondello and the person he answers to, the Senate majority leader, Joseph Bruno, though, would like to have it both ways — they seek to market themselves as tax cutters while declaring Medicaid off limits.
But that assumes the state can cut taxes without cutting
Medicaid. Mr. Spitzer and any budget expert will tell you that it's impossible — no matter how much money you throw at the School Tax Relief program, which only shifts the burden to the income tax base from the property tax base.
Republican inconsistency on this issue is the prime reason why Republicans in the Legislature have lost their advantage over Democrats on the issue of taxes. After 12 years of
Governor Pataki, voters have smartened up.".....we used to call this sort of Identity Crisis....this is what happens when you are desperate and looking for any way out of a perilous downward slide........andy

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