Monday, March 12, 2007


New York Post Editorial

The Post strikes a way..only the Post could do....enjoy........andy

March 12, 2007 -- Rep. Charles Rangel last week saw fit to take measure of Gov. Spitzer's nascent incumbency.
Addressing members of the state's congressional delegation in Washington, he claimed that Spitzer is an angry man.
Regarding Spitzer's battle with New York's health cartel, Rangel's right.
And it's about time someone got mad as hell over the billions squandered on Medicaid fraud and abuse.
Nevertheless, Rangel saw fit to term the conflict a "food fight."
Leading us to wonder: Exactly where does Charlie Rangel find the time to put Eliot Spitzer on the couch?
Doesn't the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee have enough on his plate, between:
* Working with Democratic leadership to cut the president's legs from under him on the Iraq war?
* Hiking taxes in the guise of alternative minimum tax "reform"?
* Encouraging worker intimidation with the new "card check" system of union authorization?
So, we wonder: Isn't Rangel doing enough damage in Washington? Shouldn't he just let Albany alone?

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