Thursday, March 01, 2007

Spitzer in 2010? Uh, What's The Hurry?


One thing is for sure...since he first ran for governor...Spitzer's Group has taken every advantage of the Internet...from their campaign SpitzerBlog..and then to their transition website and now to their 2010 this day and age...cyber politics is where all the action is...up to the minute political news......communication...organization..fundraising.....WNBC .like most of the mass media outlets...just doesn't get it...........andy

Aren't we getting a little ahead of ourselves Governor?
Yes, clicking on the old Eliot Spitzer campaign website ( will take you to the new campaign website ( - just in case you were wondering if the Governor was planning on running for reelection in 2010.
After all he's been in office, oh, 57 days now so he might as well start planning for the next election, which is 1,403 days away, by the way.
Anyway, it's all so interesting because Spitzer is fighting those ubiquitous ads from the health care workers union and the hospitals lobby blasting him for proposing cuts to state spending on health care, with ads of his own.
They're paid for by his leftover campaign funds. Bold, certainly. Smart, unquestionably. Ethical? Well, so far the folks at Common Cause and other ethics watchdogs don't see where there's any ethical breach. After all it's money from people who supported his election and he's using it to fight groups who are trying to stop one of his key policies -- a policy he enunciated quite clearly during the campaign.
But still...
1199 and the Hospitals responded thusly: “Finger pointing and name calling will neither insure a single additional New Yorker nor improve patient care for any man, woman or child in our state.”
Spitzer has $2.9 million left in his campaign account and his website has plenty of opportunities for supporters to resume their giving.

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