Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Spitzer Increasingly Alone In Health Care Fight


The health care system in this state is broken.......most people understand that......but there are powerful forces at work that want to keep the status quo.........there are some legitimate issues raised..which can be dealt with......there are always exceptions to every rule...but the rules need to change........status quo is easier to swallow during a budget surplus...but that can change in a heartbeat..the time for change is now....can Spitzer prevail??? yes...with some compromises...andy

"NEW YORK -- The ongoing health care funding battle between Eliot Spitzer and the health care workers union (1199) and the hospital lobby (GNYHA & HANYS) long ago got personal as we've been reporting for more than a week. Now it's getting lonely -- at least for Spitzer -- at least in Albany.
This week Spitzer has brought together advocacy groups (Wednesday enlisting Marian Wright Edelman of the Children's Defense Fund) to support his health care proposals which include cutting $1.3 billion from state health care spending while insuring nearly every child in the state.
Today, the two people who can best stop him seemed to side with his opponents at a rally in Albany. Both Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno were critical of Spitzer's budget proposal and used language eerily similar to that used by 1199 and the hospitals (who were sponsering the rally, natch). And why not? SEIU 1199 has gone out of it's way to help both men, putting it's phone banks and get-out-the vote operations into use for Assembly Democrats and Senate Republicans" for the rest of this article ....
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