Friday, March 02, 2007

Spitzer promises a new approach for thoroughbred racing

Fred LeBrun Albany TimesUnion.Com

Fred thinks there may be more up Eliot's Sleeve than just replacing NYRA with another group........a very interesting take...worth the read........andy

"At any rate, also significantly raised for the first time is the distinct possibility that none of those we've heard of so far who want this multi- zillion-dollar gambling, telecasting and horse-racing franchise will get it.
If none of the proposals are acceptable, Rifkin said, "we can go in a different direction."
Now, that's intriguing and very Eliot-like. What in the world does he have in mind? Already it's become apparent that if you want to get a pretty good idea what Eliot will do on a given issue, go back to what he's said about it in the past. He is remarkably consistent in this regard."

"In 2003, as attorney general, he produced a scathing 62-page report demolishing the stewardship of NYRA and had this to say on the very last page:"The Legislature and the governor should consider altogether eliminating NYRA's governance of these three important tracks. Whether New York State empowers a fundamentally different not-for-profit corporation with a new governance structure and better financial and public disclosure requirements, or runs the tracks along the lines of a more traditional state agency, or follows New Jersey's casino example, or constructs a wholly new model, one thing is clear: the current structure has not, does not, and will not work."
for the rest of this here.........andy

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