Sunday, March 04, 2007

Spitzer's first 60 days show unexpected strengths, vulnerabilities

Fred LeBrun Albany Times Union

Even cynical Fred...has to admit...Spitzer has been the man for the last 60 days or so.....this article is sort of a "left handed" compliment..but coming from Fred...Eliot will take it........andy

"Spitzer has been our governor for just more than 60 days, and he's due an interim report card.
His pace and energy in working through the ambitious agenda he preached repeatedly before he was inaugurated are dazzling. His administration has been more like a conquering army rolling over complacency and the opposition than an incoming political team dealing with a host of thorny issues that stumped the previous administration. So, right off, we have to give him the highest marks for leadership.
That's the word that everyone reaches for, and it's deserved. We haven't had this sort of leadership in Albany in a long, long time.
the energy, the focus, the brilliance we rather expected from Spitzer, given his forceful rhetoric on the campaign trail, and his familiar history as our attorney general.
So it is safe to say he hasn't lost any ground yet with the voters who elected him with a 69 percent mandate. They love him, and they should. Still, the operative word is "yet." Over time, he is bound to alienate segments of the population who now support him." for the rest of Fred's Rant.....
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