Monday, March 05, 2007

Totally in a Blog today

One thing you can take to the bank........Spitzer: Budget Will Be On Time ........I pity the poor fools that get in the way of a timely budget.........and health budget wars continues with Cunningham on Spitzer's "Mystery Plan" "A month after the Governor proposed his Executive Budget, we're still waiting for details of his mystery plan to provide health coverage for uninsured 2.6 million New Yorkers. It is starting to seem that the Governor has no plan, just a proposal to enact drastic cuts and try and pass them off as reform."....yikes...them are fighting words...I guess 1199 SEIU consultant Jennifer Cunningham doesn't like Spitzer's current budget she goes around trying to find another one??? and on the side of the battle Spitzer's Friends to the rescue......"Eliot Spitzer just sent out an announcement in which groups dedicated to fighting diabetes, cancer, leukemia, heart disease and other illnesses in which they "endorse" his plan to reduce health care spending on hospitals and other providers.
"I am proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those who know that state health care spending should be patient-centered," Spitzer said.
That's patient-centered, as opposed to, presumably, institution-centered." and returning fire is
Sharpton vs. Spitzer "In a new radio advertisement and mailings this week in New York City, the Rev. Al Sharpton will assail Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s proposed health-care budget cuts." I wonder what Rev Al is getting out of must be pretty good to be bucking Spitzer..........and finally...Hillary's Group goes insane because Spitzer didn't endorse her the other day...CLINTONITES 'EXPLODE' AT NEUTRAL GOV. ELIOT .........can you guess this is from the Fred Dicker and the NY Post??? "ALBANY - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign organization "exploded" last week over Gov. Spitzer's refusal to endorse her for president, according to senior Democratic officials.
And, in another sign of trouble, the former first lady's campaign has become increasingly nervous over the refusal of many of New York's African-American political leaders to endorse her for president, the officials said.
"Hillary's people were really upset by Spitzer, and they called his people - Rich Baum, Darren Dopp, Christine Anderson - to make that clear," a Spitzer insider told The Post, referring to the chief of staff and two top press aides.
Another senior Democrat said the Clinton camp "exploded, really went crazy," over Spitzer's refusal to back her during a visit to Washington last week.
"She's slipping in the polls, has a problem with blacks, [Sen. Barack] Obama is gaining, and then she has the governor of her own state equivocating on whether he'll back her. That's not good," the Democrat said. ".................I am hoping
Spitzer decides to run for President himself........andy

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