Saturday, March 10, 2007


Let's start off with a dilemma for lawmakers State might force higher electric bills "Is it worth raising the electric bills of most upstate residential electric customers by $5 to $10 a month so more cheap power is available to retain jobs and even attract new ones to the struggling region?" If there are no more jobs...then the cheaper rates for citizens won't mean much.........The Saratogian thinks Bottle bill details need rethinking ........"The potential to improve recycling is huge.But stores that sell, collect, track, store and refund containers, returnable bottles will be stuck with too much of the burden as part of their cost of doing business.Where are sellers supposed to store all these additional bottles? How many more recycling machines will they need, what will they cost to buy and maintain, where will they be placed, and who is going to empty them? It doesn't sound as though Spitzer ever stood in line behind someone at the store, waiting for them to return a cart full of deposit bottles." And let me add the terrible "stench"..return bottle odor.....that emanates from these machines........and the AP alerts us Spitzer, Legislature to square off over health "Legislative leaders were completing proposals Friday that they hope will finish off much of Gov. Eliot Spitzer's health cuts and reforms next week.
The Senate and Assembly bills were expected to add hundreds of millions — even billions — of dollars to Spitzer's budget. But the Legislature is also adjusting other areas of the budget, which could result in an increase in health care spending without significantly increasing Spitzer's proposed $120.6 billion budget." and here are a few don't tangle with Rangel news stories .........
Rangel Is No Fan Of Spitzer's Tactics and we find out Rangel: Not a Psychiatrist ....but he seems to be practicing without a license with Rangel: Spitzer Has "Anger" Problem and Charlie gets right to the point with Rangel: cuts 'disastrous' ..........maybe someone should foil his campaign contributors list to see how much these unions have kicked in to the Rangel Piggy Bank??? and finally ....... The Other Battle for Health Care Reform in New York State The insurance industry is another powerful Albany player whose business practices increase their profits and everyone else's health care costs " Both 1199/GNYHA and Governor Spitzer agree that HMOs need to be more closely regulated so that they can't delay or deny payment for the medical care they're supposed to be covering. " a good read..........andy

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