Sunday, April 01, 2007

Budget late, but passed

www.news10now.comBudget late, but passedUpdated: 4/1/2007 9:01:02 AMBy: Web Staff

It is April 1st, and the State of New York officially has a budget. Even though Governor Eliot Spitzer's $121 billion spending plan was not technically in place by the midnight deadline, it was passed earlier this morning.The printing process was stalled Saturday night after a few last minute negotiations prevented the budget bills from being finalized. But, lawmakers on both sides of the spectrum finally agreed to a deal that they say is one that's best for the people of New York.
"When all the surrounding dust settles, and the public looks at what we accomplished, you will see that this budget hit every one of the objectives I've laid out over the course of the prior two months, so I am thrilled," Governor Spitzer said.
"We were focused really on getting the best job done, and that's what's important really. It's not who's the most powerful, who's the most important. And, if there's a lesson for anybody to learn, I think that's the lesson we learned. It isn't all about power; it's about what's best for the people of this state," Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno said.
Governor Spitzer said the budget was essentially on time and that the printing process is just a technicality. However, James Tedisco said the process was the most flawed he's seen in 25 years.
Meanwhile, it appears as though areas hit hard by last summer's flooding will benefit from the budget. Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno says $5 million was tucked into the budget for counties in Central New York, the Mohawk Valley and the Southern Tier.
The aid targets areas in which floods damaged roads, homes and other buildings in June and November last year. The money can be used to cover the cleanup costs of cities, towns and school districts offsetting the expense in their local budgets and tax bills.

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