Saturday, April 07, 2007

More Spitzer Nominations and Appointments

Gov. Spitzer has nominated Melvina Lathan as head of the state Athletic Commission.
It’s an unpaid job but there are some big shoes to fill, literally and figuratively. The late boxing great Floyd Patterson once served in the same position and the commission does have a fair bit of clout when it comes to regulating boxing and other sports.
Lathan was the first female African American licensed as a boxing judge in New York and she’s worked on more than 235 fights including 82 World Title contests. Lathan is also an artist, with works having been displayed at the Smithsonian among other places.
The governor also appointed Stanley Gee as the $140,000 executive deputy commissioner for the state Department of Transportation. Prior to that, he spent 36 years with the Federal Highway (CAPITOL CONFIDENTIAL)

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