Monday, April 30, 2007


LET'S START OFF WITH New York Governor Signs Prayer Proclamation ......"Eliot Spitzer today joined the other 49 governors in issuing a proclamation supporting Thursday’s observance of the National Day of Prayer (NDP)"..............BELIEVE IT OR NOT...BUT SPITZER HAD OTHER THINGS ON HIS PLATE FOR THE LAST FEW MONTHS....HE IS NOT ANTI-FAMILY AND HE IS DEFINITELY NOT AGAINST PRAYER.......THE DOBSON FAMILY EARN A LIVING WITH THIS KIND OF STUFF.....I AM SURE THEY ARE ARE NOT WORRYING ABOUT THE STATE BUDGET....OR OTHER TRIVIAL THINGS LIKE THAT..........NO PRAYER BREAKFAST...OH NO!!!!!........MEANWHILE .New Crime Stats Low ........."While Gov. Eliot Spitzer said Monday that the latest statistics show a reduction of crime in targeted high-crime areas, state and local officials met to plot how to sustain that and expand the effort"...........AND WE LEARN State Lawmakers Hit Speed Bump As They Push For New Raise........."A proposal by state lawmakers to boost their own salary hit a bump Monday. A key legislator, Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith from Queens, pulled his support from a bill that would have set up a system to boost pay starting in 2009. Smith says that while he supports raises for legislators, they should only be considered after lawmakers have made progress on important legislation, such as campaign finance reform. That is also the opinion of Governor Eliot Spitzer, who said he would veto any pay hike until there is an agreement on the reforms."...........AND...... Bill to Protect Disabled Now Up to Spitzer "Albany, N.Y.) AP - Michael and Lisa Carey are waiting to see if the bill they pushed in memory of their autistic son, Jonathan, becomes law so that parents can better protect their disabled children.The bill passed in the Legislature with overwhelming support and is now before Governor Eliot Spitzer. Jonathan's Law is named after the Careys' 13-year-old son who died in February while under the care of a residential facility. The bill would require facilities to notify parents and guardians when their children are involved in incidents that could involve or lead to injury. The bill would also create a task force to review confidentiality provisions intended to protect the privacy of patients."..........THIS BILL MAKES PERFECT SENSE.......AND WILL BE SIGNED BY SPITZER...........A FEW TID BITS FROM LIZ OVER AT THE DAILY NEWS.........."With the pro-gay marriage forces poised to descend en masse on Albany tomorrow, the Coalition to Save Marriage in New York is starting its pushback.
Gov. Eliot Spitzer
doesn't think it's hypocritical for him to push for campaign finance reform while simultaneously asking donors to bundle large amounts of cash in exchange for exclusive access to him. " ............."After his Law Day speech, AG Andrew Cuomo lunched with the Democratic Assembly majority today at the state Capitol and was full of praise for the lawmakers, according to several who were in attendance.
Cuomo touted the Assembly for being a steadfast bastion of progressivism and even went so far as to call New York's Legislature "the best in the country," putting him at odds with NYU's Brennan Center, which dubbed the Legislature the nation's most dysfunctional back in 2004. (Unless, perhaps, he thinks they've improved enormously over the last three years).
Cuomo's compliments came as music to the ears of the legislators, who have been steadily slammed in recent years for their dysfunction and for a slew of scandals, both ethical and sexual.
And Gov. Eliot Spitzer has at times led the criticism parade this year, alternately praising the Legislature (when it goes along with his reform proposals) and slamming it (when they don't do what he wants, as with the state comptroller vote).
"People really appreciated it because they're so sick of getting the shit kicked out of them," one assemblyman said.
The contrast between Cuomo and Spitzer, who cancelled a "get-to-know-you"
lunch with the Assembly majority aand a DACC fundraiser in February after they defied him and made ex-Assemblyman Tom DiNapoli comptroller over the governor's wishes, did not go unnoticed by lawmakers who believe Cuomo still has designs on the governor's office. " .............NIGHT NIGHT..........ANDY

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