Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Nite Caps

Capitol News 9 starts us off with Battle continues over campaign finance laws "Governor Eliot Spitzer has been pushing for an overhaul of the state's laws on campaign contributions, but Senate Republicans don't like the governor's plan to limit donations" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no surprise here.....meanwhile the Troy Record declares Spitzer brings battle to Bruno turf "Gov. Eliot Spitzer took his campaign finance reform battle on the road Tuesday and his first stop was in the backyard of state Senate Majority Joseph Bruno, who he said is more worried about holding onto his slim majority than fixing Albany."Does Joe live near by? I didn't know that," Spitzer told The Record's editorial board.".....I come on...Eliot knew that :-) ....................and Newsday reports.......School districts to sign money for performance contracts "High needs school districts across the state, including three on Long Island, will sign contracts promising to boost student achievement in return for more financial aid, under regulations approved Tuesday by the state Board of Regents.Brentwood, Copiague and Westbury are among 55 districts statewide that must sign the contracts by July to qualify for the extra money."...imagine that...actually requiring some kind of performance for the extra taxpayer bucks......what will they think of next???.........speaking of taxpayer bucks...The Buffalo Business First reveals Lundine tapped to head state commission "Former lieutenant governor and congressman Stan Lundine has been named to oversee the newly created Commission on Local Government Efficiency and Competitiveness.
The 15-member panel, announced by Gov. Eliot Spitzer, will review ways that the state's more than 4,200 local governments can save taxpayer dollars and become more efficient by sharing services and undertaking regional collaboration.
"The sheer number of taxing jurisdictions has led to a significant degree of overlap in public services, which has had a devastating affect on local tax burdens" said Spitzer. "Under Stan Lundine's leadership this Commission will help local governments administer services more efficiently and cost effectively."
Spitzer cited Lundine's experience at three levels of government -- he also served as mayor of Jamestown -- in placing at the top of the commission.
"There is much that can be done to drive efficiency at the local level without reducing the public's access to important services," said Lundine, who served under Mario Cuomo in Albany. A Website --
www.nyslocalgov.org -- has been set up allowing for public involvement in the process. " ........Newsday actually breaks it down by county and percent of property taxes ...Taxing Task for Former Lt's ...meanwhile the New York Press sadly tells us Spitzer Loves The Gays, But Can't Necessarily Help 'Em With Marriage "And after much speculation regarding the strong, non-Gucci-clad resistance to any such legislation, Gov. Spitzer said yesterday that while he stands by his promise, there is no chance the state will enact a law to legalize gay marriage this year. “I do not think there is a realistic shot that it gets passed, but I will submit it because it's a statement of principle that I believe in, and I want to begin that dynamic,” he said. This is why the whole 'it’s the thought that counts' logic is so faulty"...........reality is reality.....Spitzer promised he would present a bill.....with Bruno still in control of the State Senate...there is no chance at all for it's passage....period..........and check out Elizabeth Benjamin's new digs at The Daily News "The Daily Politics" ....good luck Liz...miss you at Capitol Confidential...................andy

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