Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Staten Island Advance

ALBANY --" The road for Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg's congestion pricing plan runs through the state Capitol, where it seems to be no more popular than the Edsel.
The controversial proposal to charge motorists for driving into the busiest part of Manhattan to alleviate traffic and encourage public transportation would require approval from the state Legislature -- whose members are loath to burden their constituents with extra fees. "............sure the rich can afford the extra fees.......but what about the working stiffs out there??? from Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau etc.........sounds like a tax to me........meanwhile Azi P......................(The Politicker) gives us a rundown on how local officials are reacting to Bloomberg's proposal..........
Local Officials on Congestion Pricing .................So Al Gore may be in favor of congestion pricing for Manhattan, but lots of local officials are still squarely on the fence.
Here is a quick look at some of them who have, and haven't, taken a position:

Eliot Spitzer
Studying the issue.

Sheldon Silver
Leaning against.
Bill Thompson
Has "concerns" about "its financial impact on small business" and the outer boroughs.

Christine Quinn
Studying the issue.

Betsy Gotbaum
Studying the issue.

Anthony Weiner
Opposes. Considers it a tax on the poor and middle class.

Bill Perkins, state Senator in Manhattan
Supports, with reservations. Says it can be done “without it being a tax on the middle class and the poor.”

Richard Brodsky, Assemblyman in Westchester
Opposes. “This is a bill that will keep all the BMWs and Mercedes in midtown. You just won't see any more Chevrolets.”

Diane Savino, state Senator in Staten Island/Brooklyn
Opposes. Considers it a tax.

Andrew Lanza, state Senator in Staten IslandUndecided.

Vincent Gentile, City Councilman in Brooklyn
Opposes, for now. “How about giving us ferry service first, before picking our pockets yet again.”

David Weprin, City Councilman in Queens and Chairman of Finance Committee

Lew Fidler, City Councilman in Brooklyn
Leroy Comrie, City Councilman in Queens
Wants more info about Queens traffic solutions.

Peter Vallone, Jr., City Councilman in Queens
Wants more info about Queens traffic solutions.

Miguel Martinez, City Councilman in Manhattan

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