Sunday, April 29, 2007

WEEKEND ROUNDUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is some odds and ends.........Is It A Plot? The Politicker’s Azi Paybarah reports that Democratic Senate staffers, including those from New York City-area offices, are being summoned to Albany for a meeting on Tuesday.
Clearly, this could have something to do with the Dem’s ongoing efforts to take control of the Senate, although it’s not clear because, at least as of last week, they weren’t divulging details (although one staffer is quoted as calling the meeting “unprecedented.'’
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here (Capitol Confidential)...............Say "Cheese"!!!!!!!......Judy Joins Spitzer.........She’s been a well-known figure in front of a TV camera for years in Albany’s Capital Region, now, Judy Sanders is on the other side of the lens.
Sanders, who until last June had been one of the WRGB Channel 6’s premier reporters for more than two decades, is now Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s official photographer.
Technically — and in one of those longstanding oddities of state government, Sanders is employed in $65,000 position by the Empire State Development Corp., said Spitzer spokesman Paul Larrabee. “She’s assigned to chronicle the activities of the governor,'’ said Larrabee. She replaces former gubernatorial photographer Lester Millman.
Photography is nothing new for Sanders, however, as she’s long had an avid interest in photography, with several exhibitions to her credit.......not a bad gig if you can get it.....meanwhile the NY Times EmpireZone reveals
Trooper’s Death Was ‘Friendly Fire’ ..............Preston L. Felton, the acting New York State Police Superintendent, said during a news conference this afternoon that Trooper David C. Brinkerhoff was apparently killed by friendly fire during a gunfight on Wednesday between state troopers and a suspect holed up in an unoccupied farmhouse.
“We do not know whether this was the result of a ricochet or direct line of fire incident. We are reconstructing the situation and will report after the analysis of what actually happened,” he said. is the ironic past of all of this...Bruno was yelling and screaming all week for a death penalty bill....this clearly shows the possibility of someone being put to death by the state over an "honest" mistake..........something to think about.......and the BuffaloNews gives us Foreclosure moratorium weighed by legislators "ALBANY — In response to the surge in subprime loan defaults, state legislators are considering a six-month moratorium on mortgage foreclosures and stiffer penalties on brokers who fraudulently complete borrowers’ applications.
State Sen. Jeffrey D. Klein, DBronx, said there could be 28,000 foreclosures in New York this year just from loans originated in 2005. That assumes 21 percent of subprime loans are foreclosed and is based on research by the Center for Responsible Lending, a Durham, N.C., group opposing what it sees as abusive lending practices.
“Loans that home buyers took a few years ago are now being reset with higher rates — 9.9 percent and 10 percent — and people who can’t afford the payments are losing their home,” Klein said.
Both Democratic and Republican lawmakers said they are looking at possible ways to deal with effects of the subprime defaults. Legislative hearings are planned, and Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s administration is considering ways to help affected homeowners find refinancing, Klein said. " Most people will do anything to get a house of their own..........literally get their foot in the door of their home.....unfortunately these "balloon" type mortgages are coming due now.........what a mess.........andy

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