Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dear Lord, Let Us Snipe (updated)

Capitol Confidential

What a bunch of hypocrites......they have no problem with Bush and all the Iraq killings......and yet they give Spitzer a hard time because he wasn't fast enough for them in declaring a national day of God needs the government to make prayer official.........Eliot has a beautiful family......what the hell are they talking about when they say he is anti family???? Maybe because he is not part of the Far Right Christian Republican Movement in this Country??? Bush is their shining leader......doesn't that tell you something about this group??? Enough said...........andy

Gov. Eliot Spitzer officially marked today with a proclamation declaring May 3 a “Day of Prayer and Reflection in the Empire State,” in following with the National Day of Prayer created under President Reagan in 1988.
But a Christian Web site says Spitzer was the last governor in the country this year to sign such a proclamation, and suggests he did so at the last minute only under pressure.
The administration says otherwise.
Christian Post quotes James Dobson, chairman of Focus on the Family, as complaining on Monday that Spitzer had been dodging requests for months to officially recognize the Day of Prayer:
“Gov. Spitzer was asked in January to issue such a declaration by April 1st if possible. No response was received as of Friday, April 27. Phone calls from the governor’s office were not returned, and pastors and volunteers who inquired were treated rudely and given no indication that a proclamation was forthcoming.”
Dobson in his group’s daily broadcast Monday told listeners of the “slap in the face that the governor of New York has delivered to people of faith all across the country,” according to Christian Post.
Spitzer spokesman Paul Larabee, however, said he’d been working on the the proclamation matter for weeks. He also said he personally tried to contact Focus on the Family. “I was put on hold indefinitely,” he said.
Spitzer signed the proclamation last Wednesday, Larabee said (the proclamation also lists that as the day he signed it), and it was posted on the governor’s Web site earlier this week. As for whether Spitzer was, as Christian Post contends, the last governor in the country to sign such a proclamation, Larabee said he couldn’t affirm or dispute it without checking on every other state, which he clearly was not inclined to do.
Focus on the Family has more issues with the Democratic, Jewish governor than the prayer day or his move this year not to keep Republican predecessor George Pataki’s tradition of an annual prayer breakfast (although Spitzer’s office says ”an event providing an opportunity for prayer and reflection is being developed.'’) In the Christian Post article, Gary Schneeberger, Focus on the Family’s senior media director of government and public policy, is quoted as saying “Governor Spitzer has never been a friend to pro-family causes. He’s introduced a bill to legalize gay marriage and has worked to shore up abortion rights. He has not earned the benefit of the doubt from the pro-family community.”

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