Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fighting Words: Bruno Calls Spitzer's People "Hoodlums & Thugs"


Would you believe all this fuss is over a story in the NY Post???? the good old reliable post..the bastion of integrity and truthful reporting.....not........what total nonsense..........andy

July 5, 2007 08:29 PM
The back-and-forth between Senator Joe Bruno and Governor Eliot Spitzer is back on, as the Senator is now calling for an investigation into the Governor's actions - and he is not being shy about it!
NEWS10's John McLoughlin brings us up-to-date on the latest in the war of words.
Bruno is now accusing the Governor of "political espionage," and he likened Spitzer to a "third world dictator."
"With the hoodlums around him and the thugs around him, pushing him to bury me - if they can, well, here I am."
That is Bruno's reaction to a page-one story in the New York Post, quoting a Spitzer staffer confirming that the Governor used a State Police security detail to keep special records on Bruno's use, or misuse of state aircraft.
"What happens next?" says Bruno. "Does he follow me on a personal basis for political advantage? What country are we in?"
It all began last Sunday when the Albany T.U. reported that Bruno used the state helicopter on several occasions to attend political fundraisers. Bruno claims they were business trips, with politics mixed in.
Thursday afternoon, the Spitzer aide quoted in the New York Post story denied that there has been any State Police surveillance of Bruno, calling the story inaccurate and false. Still, Bruno wants the Attorney General and others to investigate, and says no longer can he trust what Spitzer tells him.
"If this Governor is capable of ordering that, what next?" Bruno says. "And you in the media ought to be asking that."
The New York Post says the Spitzer aide said Bruno got special surveillance after a complaint from Mike Long, Chairman of the Conservative Party. But Long told radio station WROW he never complained about Bruno's security detail, and he says the Governor's people are using him to try to cover their own tracks now.
Bruno, meanwhile, is calling for nearly all manner of investigation, starting with the Attorney General on down.

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