Thursday, November 30, 2006


New York Daily News Bill Hammond

"Uh oh. We're better off than Eliot thought "
I think Bill forgot to take his meds this am.....the only state Bill is living in is the state of denial..........we had a few words to say over Newsday's original "lucky Eliot" editorial Day one, item one or "Lucky Eliot" more of the same here......
"The biggest problem facing Eliot Spitzer when he takes over as governor in January could be a shortage of big problems facing Eliot Spitzer.
Spitzer campaigned as the crusading politician who would finally slay Albany's dragons, including some genuine fire-breathers: a court order demanding billions more for public schools, out-of-control Medicaid spending, looming budget deficits and chronic gridlock in the Legislature.
"A crisis is a terrible thing to waste," was one of his favorite tag lines, often delivered with a wide grin.
But if the recent flurry of good news keeps up, Spitzer may be left without all that many dragons to slay."
Bill, I am sure Eliot will find something to do with all his spare time......andy

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