Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Newsday's Larry Levy tells us Spitzer's stirring speech omitted a key issue ...Poverty....lighten up Lawrence.....wait for today's State of the State Address....the two pressing issues for New York is taxes and jobs..if they are not resolved quickly.....we all may be living in poverty.........meanwhile MetLife Settles with Spitzer for $19 Million "MetLife has agreed to pay $19 million to settle allegations by outgoing Attorney General Eliot Spitzer that the insurance giant paid brokers who steered clients to purchase insurance from the company.
The largest life insurer in the United States also agreed to adopt a new compensation structure that eliminates the payment of contingent commissions to brokers on life, disability, and other group products, and will provide full disclosure of broker compensation to employers at every stage of the insurance purchasing and renewal process." Newsday reports there are
Already, signs of strain between Silver and Spitzer over Hevesi's replacement "Spitzer wants an “outsider” to replace Hevesi as comptroller while Silver wants an ally from legislature" "Interviews with people close to the speaker suggest he favors two serious contenders: state Assemb. Thomas DiNapoli (D-Great Neck) and Joseph Morelle (D-Rochester)." Tom DiNapoli is the best choice someone both Silver and Spitzer trust...he is the perfect compromise....stay tuned.....The NY Times discloses Cuomo’s Opening Moves Echo Spitzer’s Reform Ideas
"Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo began his first full day in office yesterday by meeting with officials who could play a pivotal role in investigating any state corruption cases in Albany. This opening step signals that he intends to join in Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s calls for major reform of the capital’s political culture. " Andrew met with David Soares, the Albany County district attorney, and also had a meeting with David Grandeau, the executive director of the state lobbying commission “Governor Spitzer laid out a vision yesterday, and part of that vision is restoring public trust and focusing on public integrity issues,” Mr. Cuomo said, speaking after his meeting with Mr. Soares. “It’s a mandate that we spoke about jointly during the campaign, and the issue of public integrity is now a front-burner issue.” It is good to see Andrew and Eliot are on the same sheet of music.........Jay Gallagher(Gannett News) lets us all know Watchdog groups urge Spitzer to pass tough ethic reform laws and finally the Daily Intelligencer(NY Magazine) gives us Dr. Spitzer's Five-Step Plan for a New You"As we mentioned earlier, Governor Spitzer kicked off his term with an impressive display of work ethics, rousing himself early on New Year's Day to sign five executive orders before 9 a.m. What brave new world, then, did the rest of the bleary state wake up to? " Click above link to find out........andy

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